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***Latest CARD Video - IT'S TIME TO STEP UP***



  • Love it!
  • Excellent work.
  • Awesome stuff. Love it.
  • Loved the music
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    Just aching to get there on Sunday and show the regime up for the wankers they are.
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    the gloves really need to come of everyone!
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  • If you have any sympathy for the cause, participate on Sunday and be a part of the history of OUR great club.
  • excellent
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  • bit gutted I can't make the game Sunday now
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    If I had a pound for every time I've gone to a game looking forward to it, only to be let down, disappointed, sometimes humiliated, and generally pissed off by the teams knack of bottling it, then i'd have enough dosh to buy a season ticket in the north lower next year!

    This team hasn't done much for me this season, and whilst i'll support them until we are mathematically relegated I couldn't be any more disillusioned with this mob. The squad bar maybe Solly and a few others are alien to me, I preferred Parky's budget league one warriors, the likes of Elliott, Richardson, even that muppet Bailey, those players were good enough to wear our shirt simply because they cared enough, you'd go down the valley and get a bit of effort - and that's all that's required IMHO. Not now, these lot will lose on Sunday and I couldn't give a monkeys.

    However! this weekend i am once again looking forward to getting down to the valley that is simply down to one reason and that reason is we will (mostly) be making it as awkward for that horrid bitch, Meire as possible and for being part of a day that will no doubt live long in the memory for many Charlton fans.
  • The only shame is, only CL posters will see this, which to be fare is probably only about 2% of the fan base. It needs to be seen by all fans somehow
  • By the time Mendonca scores in the vid, I could feel myself welling up. I'm on a self-imposed banning order from games at the moment but I'm going to try my darnedest to be there for this.
  • if only you could get that on the Big Screen somehow.
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    Sky should use it to promote the game...more people might watch the match just to see what happens off it than on it...
  • Brilliant video.
  • Macronate said:

    if only you could get that on the Big Screen somehow.

    Yes please...
  • Great video, really like this.
  • A fantastic needs to go on Twitter and facebook + every other forum. Well done to the makers.
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  • Great stuff as always. Will be there with my kids for the protests.
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    The regime really has no answer to what , us fans are producing week in week out.

    I know there are other clubs and businesses that would love to work with fans (or customers) like us


  • Great stuff! Eye watering. Bring on Sunday.
  • Brilliant
  • That is absolutely fantastic
  • "who am I going to support?"

    Erm, the team you've grown up supporting??
  • Brilliant video , Nug ! You are indeed a star.

    KM & RD should be tied to their chairs ( or sofa ) and made to watch this over & over again until they scream for mercy.
  • Has somebody sent it to sky?
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