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Have we ever had this many red cards?

6 in the league, 1 in the cup so far this season.
Bauer (twice)
Diarra in the league cup


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    I seem to recall a season when we were at Upton Park and collected a fair few - might have been the season we finish 7th. I'm probably way off the mark and now need to investigate
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    Would have more if sojdie was still with us.
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    in league matches red card totals as follows
    2011-12: 0
    2012-13: 3
    2013-14: 4
    2014-15: 2
    2015-16: 6 so far
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    It's the new players, they hear the crowd singing "red army" and misunderstand what we mean...
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    and we get constantly fouled and it seems impossible to get sent off playing against us!
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    Reza got sent off? How did i miss this?
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    The players are all fighting our corner, as they can't defend from them.
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    You can't blame players for getting sent off - who wants to be on the pitch an take intstuctions from the utter clowns we've had as head coach?

    Hopefully the next red card will be for one of the players booting the ball in somebody's face - take your pick from Riga, Katrien or Murray. I would suggest Roly, but we would need a Nicky Bailey penalty to hit him in Belgium.
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    C_A_F_C said:

    Reza got sent off? How did i miss this?

    Huddersfield 5-0... only positive i took from that was Reza being banned!
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    edited March 2016
    I reckon the recent red cards are results more of frustration, incompetence and petulance rather than passion to win .. but there is usually a correlation between league placing and punishments .. IF IF we were (say) Middlesbrough or Burnley, I suggest a stern ticking off or final warning to the player concerned would have been substituted for some of our collection of cards both jaune et rouge
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