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***CARD - Call for Supporters to contact University of Greenwich***

Following the success of Charlton supporters highlighting their issues concerning governance of the Club to a potential commercial partner a fortnight ago (which resulted in coco5 withdrawing their commercial plans), CARD are calling on Charlton supporters to again highlight their concerns to the Club’s current shirt sponsors – The University of Greenwich.

Charlton supporters were wholeheartedly delighted when the University of Greenwich announced their partnership agreement with the Club in June 2014, and fans have been proud to adorn the University’s name as a respected local institution on our shirts for the last two seasons.

However, at a time when the University will no doubt be planning their future budgets, we are keen for supporters to bring to their attention the level of disenchantment currently aimed at the Club’s governing regime throughout the community that the University of Greenwich seek such positive involvement.

Page 22 of the University’s 2015 Annual report states:

"community is about a common sense of pride and a sense of belonging. It’s about recognition for the university as a great place to work, study and do business. That means everyone being heard, valued, empowered and listened to, involving our communities of staff, students and alumni as well as neighbours, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.”

Charlton supporters feel this is the exact opposite of the way the regime governing Charlton have worked; lifelong supporters are ignored and not responded to, whilst our community values and pride continue to regress rapidly as supporters become further and further alienated from their Club.

This regime continues to attract negative headlines both in the national press and from respected people in the world of football for the way in which the club has been governed and the way the supporters have been treated. Local Greenwich MPs have also requested meetings with the Club to express the concerns that are impacting on the local community.

By supporting this regime, the University of Greenwich (via their shirt sponsorship) are being emblazoned in negative headlines reporting what supporters and football experts see as the potential destruction of a football club that for over a 100 years has been at the heart of this community.

We are not seeking for the University of Greenwich to break their commercial deal with the Club, but we do wish for supporters to bring to their attention the negative impact of association with the Club in its current state. We also wish to highlight how proud Charlton supporters would be for the University of Greenwich to continue to work in partnership with, and potentially extend their support, for the Charlton Athletic Community Trust.

The multi award-winning Trust is a pillar of the local community, and something all supporters are proud to be associated in the name of Charlton Athletic.

The CEO of coco5 stated recently how impressed and influenced he was by the universally polite and heartfelt approaches his company received from Charlton supporters. We encourage all supporters to please act in the same way and express their concerns to:

Professor David Maguire at: [email protected]

And via the University’s social media vehicles.



  • Facebook posts direct on the wall of UoG will be getting reviewed. Better off putting it on your own feed and tagging them in.
  • done via email
  • What do you want us to tweet to them?
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  • Done via email - Twitter and FB to follow.
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    Tweaked @Davo55 template and sent to: [email protected]
    Also mentioned that they were granted university status in 1992, the same year we returned home.
  • Would it be worth contacting the student union?
  • Redrobo said:

    Would it be worth contacting the student union?

    Student Union doesn't have anything to do with the University. Completely separate entity.
    But they may be able to put more pressure on the university, they'd have contacts etc.
  • Done, Twitter.
  • Done, email
  • Done e-mail
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  • Bump - keep it going people. We need a big response to make them listen.
  • e.mail sent
  • Done - email
  • Email sent.
  • Popped a note over by email. :-)
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