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Charlton v Reading | Sat 27 Feb | 3pm KICK-OFF | Match Preview, Predictions, News & Views

Charlton Athletic v Reading
Saturday 27 February 2016 … 3pm Kick-Off
Referee: Nigel Miller (County Durham)


In preparation for the match this Weekend, CARD set out to create a Twitter Storm with the hashtag #ProtestForAFiver… Launched at 6pm yesterday the tag briefly became the 10th most tended tag… Congratulations to those involved.

We appear to be entering a pivotal part of the season… At the end of 2015 I stated that we would be okay in the Relegation battle all the while our rivals kept dropping points yet that we’d need to be alert and aware as eventually our rivals would stop dropping points and so create a gap… It now seems to be happening, with Charlton losing away at Preston on Tuesday night; MK Dons were picking up three points creating a nine point gap between us and safety... Alarm bells began to ring yet thankfully the Dons seem to hate yellow kits, just like Middlesbrough a few weeks before, Huddersfield would grab an equaliser to keep the damage to a minimum once more.

This Saturday sees the return of Football for a Fiver; no doubt the Valley will be packed… In just over a week we play MK Dons at the Valley, the games between now and then will be oh so important if our squad of players truly don’t want relegation on their records, three points against Reading this Saturday could bridge that gap, defeat and our players had better get typing updating those CVs

The Opposition
Name: Reading | Manager: Brian McDermott
Ground: Madejski Stadium | Nickname: The Royals

Time to roll out the red carpet we’ve got royalty in town… No I don’t mean Reading Football Club themselves I refer to Charlton royalty… In every squad you wonder if there will be a player who enters legendary status, in the last preview I discussed Chris Solly’s claim… Against us this week is another as this Saturday we welcome back Yann Kermorgant, he’s yet to score against the Addicks, he’s yet to score for Reading… A cult hero (if not a legend) around these parts, let’s hope he keeps up that form.


They’ve had a strange season though have Reading… When we made the short trip to Berkshire you maybe saw the Royals mounting a serious challenge to return to the Premier League, a 1-0 win for Reading that day certainly laid foundations to that claim yet since that day they’ve lost their top scorer (Nick Blackman to Derby), they’ve sacked their Manager (Steve Clarke) and now sit in fourteenth place, hopes of reaching the Premier League now appear a distant dream.

Charlton Team News
Once more injuries seem to be playing their part… Both Chris Solly and Jordan Cousins were forced off against Preston in midweek meaning we’re back to relying on the fringe players… We tried a new formation and it seemed to be working yet with Harry Lennon’s red card (this’ll be the first match of a three game ban) we’ll no doubt revert back to a 4-4-2 type formation.

Should Solly be injured we’ll no doubt see Marco Motta who hasn’t disgraced himself whilst Roger Johnson will surely replace the suspended Lennon, it is the Midfield and Attack that I’ll be most interested to see, with Igor Vetokele still out and Johann Gudmundsson preferring to play in the hole, who plays and where this weekend is surely anyone’s guess.

Teixeira … Fanni … Johnson
Motta … Poyet … Ba … Fox
Lookman … Makienok

Substitutes Bench: Pope … Sarr … Young … Harriott … Bergdich … Sanogo … Ghoochanniejad

Charlton Athletic 1-0 Reading



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    MUST get something out of this game if we are to have any realistic chance of survival, its one of the easier games as reading in effect have nothing to play for and are still in the cup, they're safe pretty much in championship providing they pick up a few points and no chance of playoffs, saying that we haven't won at home since November so they will fancy the points, so come on boys roll over let us win 1-0
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    Riga could play either Bergdich or Harriott on the left and leave out Fanni or Johnson at the back if he wanted to start 4-4-2, but other than that he has little other option I think. Reading have more shots than any other Championship team I hear, and as such, I cannot see a Charlton win, though I do hope I am wrong!
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    19:45 kick off? Gonna be well pissed.
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    0-1 with the enevitable goalscorer.........Morgan Fox OG
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    edited February 2016

    19:45 kick off? Gonna be well pissed.

    Bugger... Its the risk you take when you copy and paste the title from the last match ;)

    I know I contradict myself in the preview as well, as state in the Team News that I think we'll play 4-4-2 but then the line-up is the same formation from the other week... Its my way of saying I havent got a scooby who'll play.

    I thought that Gudmundsson likes to play through the middle now so he could play as the second Striker with Makienok but then wondered who'd play out on the Right of Midfield
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    0-3 to Reading

    5pm protest starts half an hour early when we all stream out after Yann gets his third.
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    No goals, no hope. 0-3.
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    Routine capitulation, 0-4.
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    Best I can see is draw and 1 point...really want to be wrong and hope we get 3 points.....I will not be available for the match thread tomorrow as I will be taking a day off.
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    A 1-2 defeat with Yann the man scoring both for Reading.
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    Yann has not scored for Reading yet so you know what will happen
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    Hope we at least have a shot on goal
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    stewards will be wondering what to do.... when Yanns overhead kick gets a cheer from many in the home areas.

    after the third goal most of the home areas will be left vacant as the noise from outside builds.
    stewards rushing to the exits to stop the boys in black and white from storming the board room.

    luckily Jim Davidson has Katrien in a head lock. the crowd are wondering will he or wont he in typical pantomime style as he opens the top window and begins to contemplate whether to throw her out on to the baying crowd.
    Jim typically over does it and the crowd become restless. This is when Murray sees his chance.... He pushes Jim out the way and lifts Ms Meire above his head. Through a wide grin he says "I'm Back" and with that he chucks Katrian into the crowd. He feels reborn. a weight lifted off him. he looks down at the crowd. He notices they are making way for someone. He recognises that person straight away. it's his old chum Peter Varney making his way through the fans.

    As Peter walks past katrien he whispers "I guess you should of answered my emails" before he kicks her in the head.
    He climbs up to where Murray stands.

    Through tears Murray just about manages the words, "Will you ever forgive me Peter?" Peter clasps Murrays face between his hands... "You were like a brother to me Richy. You broke my heart." and with that Peter kisses Murray on the lips.

    Peter turns to the watching masses. His eyes scan across the silent crowd. He lifts his arm and points to the East.
    "Time to get that Belgium fucker! Yipy Ki A!!!"

    I was fully expecting to hear the Eastenders duff duffs at the end of that.
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    Comfortable home win 4-0.
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    3-0 to Reading.
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    We all dream of a team of Kermogants, a team of Kermogants, a team of Kermogants (repeat )
    Number 1 is Kermogant, Number 2 is Kermogant, Number is K........and so on.
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    Despite their win over West Brom last weekend, Reading are on a fairly poor run - only two league wins in the last 10, 14th in the league with very little to play for. We might get a couple of players back from injury as well, so there's every reason to be hopeful.

    With that in mind, I'm going to put my neck on the line and optimistically predict a 2-0 defeat, with the large, vociferous "Football for a Fiver" crowd inspiring the Addicks to wait until the second half before being totally humiliated.
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    Riga made it sound like Solly has a shot at being involved. I think it'll be


    I think there was enough promise shown Tuesday to stick with 3-5-2. We dominated possession and seemed to have pretty decent cover at the back from open play. The key for me is Young, he HAS to be fit by now, and Morgan, though he apparently looked alright going forward against Preston, has already played twice this week. If Young is fit, he has the engine, the pace, and the quality on the ball to be a threat down the left, giving us two attacking wingbacks.

    All of that said, I've been optimistic up until now, but I think Saturday is the day where we're finally cut adrift beyond all hope.

    1-3 Reading, Yann to score twice
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    Yann, 11-2, first goalscorer.

    I'm sorely tempted.
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    Charlton 6-5 Reading

    Henderson apparently better than Hamer still. (Ooh you little stirrer)
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    Reading have a stronger side in every department - and they are used to playing together.

    Our squad is actually not bad but it's still just a random selection of players thrown together who haven't jelled.

    Start of a run of terrible results (eyes averted over the last 3) which confirms miserable finish to Charlton 1 Reading 4
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    We need goals from somebody. Mak isn't getting any. Time to start Sanogo?
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    Charlton 0 Reading 2. So, so easy for the Royals.
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    colin1961 said:


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    It's now or never, give us a win,
    not bloody likely from this football team.
    oh sod it, lucky win 2-1.
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    About a week ago I said this will be one the three wins we'd have between now and the end of the season and I reckon it will still happen 2-1. But I am half getting the feeling it could be a 1-2 loss in heart breaking fashion having lead at the break and it will be a very late 90+ winner. We have had a few peltings this season but we haven't really had a loss like te one I have just suggested and maybe we are due one. I'm the positive one and yet I am getting negative now. Nurse help me please!
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    edited February 2016
    Heart says we should win this, but head (and eyes) say another dire draw is about as good as we can get. If Tuesday night left us needing a snooker to get enough points to stay up, suspect anything but a win here will make it a nailed on certainly, given the fixtures we have ahead of us. Yet another match for the diehards and the purists. Don't bring along anyone for the first time in the hope what they see will make them fall in love with the club.
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