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6pm Tonight - #ProtestforaFiver Twitter Storm



  • What does protesting for a fiver entail?
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    Pay a fiver so you don't feel guilty when the riot starts and you knock off a coppers helmet.
  • #ProtestByNotGivingRolandAFiverAndBoycotting
  • Like Jimmy says - what does this mean?
  • Well I would presume it is to fill the stadium for a MASSIVE protest?
  • What's a hashtag.
  • What's a hashtag.

    One of these.... #
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    What's a hashtag.

    One of these + after you've had a heavy lunchtime session :smiley: .
  • What's a Twitter?
  • Is a curry included?
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  • still wondering
  • How did it go ?
  • It's still going!
  • PL54 said:

    How did it go ?

    The Belgians are still in charge.
  • PL54 said:

    How did it go ?

    Still ongoing.
  • Davo55 said:

    PL54 said:

    How did it go ?

    Are you Prince Charles? You never seem to want to do anything to find out for yourself but expect flunkies to keep you informed. Or are you just on your early evening wind up?
    No, I'm not Prince Charles - that would be PC54
  • Thanks Matt
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  • Oh and it's trending. 10th on the list of UK trends right now.

    I don't twitter, is that good? If so why?
  • Good looking sort though I might add!!!!
  • Good looking sort though I might add!!!!


    My missus came back from work last week and I had the Youtube app running on the TV; and it's began suggesting her videos.. bit of an awkward chat. "Didn't know you were a fan.." - "Oh yeah, of course, I love that song.. like.. that famous one.".

    (For the record, I'd been looking up her videos not because I'm a pervert - but I'd seen a few photos of her and wanted to know what she actually sang..)
  • My son calls her T Swizzle.
  • I call her Suzuki.
  • seth plum said:

    My son calls her T Swizzle.

    I opt for Tay Tay, however both seem to sound like something you'd ask a shifty looking bloke for down an alleyway.
    1StevieG said:

    I call her Suzuki.

    There's a bicycle/riding joke there, but I just can't seem to get it out. :(
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