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Prediction Knock Out Cup/Johnstones Paint Round 3 replay results

The unimaginable has happened. League leader, Stonemuse, lost the away replay to MrLargo, who now sails into the last 16 of the Prediction Knock Out Cup. The draw for the 4th round of both competitions will appear tomorrow morning.

Prediction Knock Out Cup 3rd round replays

Shirty5 (82) v. StrikerFirmani (70) 4-2
Tommo (46) v. GoOnYouHaddocks (96) 2-0
MrLargo (50) v. Stonemuse (1) 1-0

Johnstones Paint 3rd round replays

Tor (87) v. Bosseyedduck (35) 0-2
Addick1965 (73) v. Throughthickandthin (21) 0-1


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