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Song for Saturday - Build a Bonfire reworded. Thoughts?

How about a reworked protest song for Saturday on the following lines:

"Build a bonfire, build a bonfire"
"Put The Owner at the top"
"Put Murray Meire in the middle"
"And then burn the effing lot"

"Put the liar at the top"
"Put the network in the middle" etc


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    2nd one 'scans' better
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    Sure this was song briefly at the last 5pm protest with "Roland" and "Katrien" on the top and in the middle.
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    Are we up for a chorus or two?
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    "Put the nightmeire in the middle"
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    DRAddick said:

    "Put the nightmeire in the middle"

    This and I prefer, 'The 'Douchbag' on the top'.
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    How about,

    We're having going mental when Roland dies....
    Repeated a few times..

    Can adapt subsequent verses along the lines of:
    We're having a disco when Roland dies...

    We'll have jelly and ice cream when Roland dies..

    Or will this offend some of our fans so we'd better not say it..
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    Go for it Canters, you lead I'll follow :wink: .
    PS I love jelly and ice cream :smiley:
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    edited February 2016
    To gauge the number of supporters not purchasing season tickets next season - Stand up if you won't renew stand up if you won't renew - let them see the numbers
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