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    You weren't too wrong, that really cheered me up.
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    Awww... I got a mention :)

    And those still clutching at hopes of a late surge to safety
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    Very good article.

    The point about players and staff leaving if they had another club to go to says a lot.

    What a mess!!
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    I can't believe the owner is so blinkered that he can't see the problems.

    If it was his electronics business failing, he'd surely step in and restructure.

    Wouldn't he?

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    pure ego--he isnt failing it just taking time to work ! his ego wont have the his experiment cant work in the English leagues.
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    Tonight has seen the last, flickering glimmer of hope extinguished. One win in god knows how long, not a chance of seven or eight in 13 matches. Thanks Roland, thanks Katrien. I hope you both get really painful piles.
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