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Does Duchatalet have the whole story.

Does he really understand how upset everyone is,or do Meire and Murray shield him to protect their positions. If so demonstrations here will not work,he needs to see and hear it first hand.
Do they care ,when we go down Meire might lose her job yes,but Murray might be closer to getting paid off,as Duchatalet tries to grab all the assets,or maybe he will find another buyer to stay involved.


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    Of course he knows, he has other people telling him things besides his two puppets
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    Don't think he really cared how we felt when he set out.

    He's starting to realise that if he doesn't keep us happy this whole sham is rapidly going down the toilet.
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    Hard to say for sure either way.

    He could be given a completely different story and version of events from KM, RM.

    Remember one on one Meire can play the innocent and charm someone into thinking she's a hardworking victim that's having a very rough time. Who was that ex player that said he met her and stuck up for her in the press?

    Maybe her boss can't see through her. I've worked in an environment where my managers boss couldn't see through him. Was terribly frustrating. My manager was a naturally (annoyingly) a rather gifted actor when confronted and put on the spot.

    RD going on saying what a fantastic lady Meire is. He only said that stupid Dublin video was the issue and why people don't like her as it offended some. Maybe she just addressed this to him 1st....and in a flood of tears.

    She is his (probably) only real form of eyes and ears at this club.

    I have no sympathy for RD in any sense even if this was true.

    He is a complete fool and simply doesn't care enough about one of his apparent "children".

    He's trying to prove the point that you can achieve the inevitable while cutting your losses by a high margin. He thinks he sees something that no one else can.

    Problem is...he is f*ckin awful at proving this point.
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    Ratters will find out for sure in about a month when we are relegated.
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