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Who would win this football match?


--Solly Morrison Taylor Wiggins

Wagstaff Stephens Hollands Jackson

-------Kermorgant BWP


----------Makienok Reza

Bergdich Jackson Cousins Gudmundsson

-----Fox Teixeira Lennon Solly



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    I'll assume that's a rhetorical question!
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    edited February 2016
    Looking at it, imagine if you took the team at the top and swapped:

    Taylor for Teixeira
    Hollands for Cousins
    Wagstaff for JBG

    you'd have a very solid Championship team.

    Yet we've had something silly like 50+ incomings and outgoings since this lot took over the club. Maybe instability on the pitch is as much to blame as in the dugout.
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    Depends how Jackson played.
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