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Can the fanbase create an alternative charlton to support?

Would you want it?

Would it be good and worthwhile?

I say yes.

If the fans pull together it would be nice to support a club that is not an embarrassment and not have the repetitive bad feeling every week win lose or draw.

We could attach the proud history of the charlton we love and know to the new club.

Can it be done? Where would you start?

Also could almost naturally boycott the valley


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    Not sure we're at that stage yet. We still have a championship club to fight for.
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    The protests are great...(the physical act of protesting) ...but with the owners way of thinking they are not going to make a blind bit of difference we 100% know that now and eventually it will just become exhausting and repetitive.

    The club can't even get Moores photo right. That lack of care and responsibility. It owed that to the visiting fans too. Just a load of horseshit now. The club has literally disappeared up it's own asshole.

    I'm not saying don't support this club (well in a way I did say that but I'm changing my mind back)
    I'm saying having an alternative charlton that is once again enjoyable, competitive ran by people that care and is fun...

    Might be a more refreshing way to enjoy the footballing weekend.
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    If this continues for years I think this is the only option. I would give it my full backing.
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    Bollocks to that idea
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