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Respond to Roland

We've all seen and heard Roland Duchatelet bluster and soft-soap his way through the interview with the SLP and the propaganda for the OS. His platitudes about making mistakes etc come with no form of action in any shape or manner and he has the temerity to say Katrien Meire is doing a good job and he's happy with her! A massive contradictions in terms. The overwhelming fan response has been "on with the Protest" and I agree that we should re-double our efforts. It's having an effect because he got off his arse to come over here and do this.

Through CARD we are responding as fans in an organised and coherent way which is attracting the media publicity we need and we are simply out-smarting the Regime. That needs money and we have responded admirably to date but let's keep it going and maintain the cashflow necessary to continue the protests and up the ante. In response to Roland, please give what you can afford and give again if you can....

Brenda Smith
Sort code 20-68-04
Account number 50661678


  • Another £50 on its way
  • TEL said:

    Another £50 on its way

    Will hit your account Brenda on the 15th. Tel/Australia
  • Thanks for posting @Cardinal Sin - just to say Brenda has changed the name of the account to Protest Fund, to make it a bit easier/obvious, especially to people not on CL.

    Other account details the same, so the money will get there anyway.

    And cheers @TEL , much appreciated.
  • Should this me members only guys? It has bank details on the thread that's all.
  • Are the paypal details the same as before?
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