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Season Ticket FUND!

Not buying a season ticket next season?

How about donating the money to a season ticket fund?

We may have to bail out the club when it goes in to administration? Or perhaps it could be used to buy a shareholding in the club in the future?

Maybe we should start this ball rolling? Gauge the interest in this idea and put it to CARD to arrange?



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    Good idea.
    I'm in.
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    If we take £450 on average for season ticket - think this could be a fund with a few £million in it!

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    Not a bad idea.. could be a few legal ramifications though; would you form a company? Who holds the money? etc. not trying to pour cold water and all that, just thinking out loud.
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    edited February 2016
    Would be a great idea if set up correctly. Following these guidelines: Each £50 paid in could = 1 unit of ownership (like a share) to build up enough money to see if the overall Fans Fund could invest in the club - probably at a later (post RD) stage. Or even help with a buy out if and when he sells? Would need a fair bit of work to get it right. But would be a great start if managed properly - by fans.
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    well the aim was to see if this was a good idea i suppose then work out if we could do it.
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    Surprised with the lack of interest in this :(
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    Who do I send my money to?
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    A better idea would be for those who do want to buy a season ticket to put the money in escrow, to be released only when sufficient changes have been made at the club.
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    Escrow ?
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