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Roland Rat Caption Contest



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    I have a dream. A dream to one day host a first team game at The Valley with as many bums on seats as you can see in the background.
  • Why am I only getting thirteen frites Katrien and where is the bloody Belgian Mayonnaise?
  • And just behind me to the left, will be Meire Mews and Deuchatelet Drive.

    Not forgetting Fraeye fields, Peeters park, Luzon lane, Riga road and Murray mound.
  • Do I seriously have to smile and look like I give a s**t? - Nope I'm not doing it
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  • He looks superimposed on the background in that photo?
  • "Where am I?"
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    As you can see im so very thrilled to be here at last!.
  • "I look like a tosser, I talk like a tosser, therefore I must be a complete and utter.................................WANKER!"
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    I paid for this pitch, of course I can roll it up and take it back to Belgium with me.
  • Why do I have the feeling that nobody likes me?
  • Look into my eyes, I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman. (It was faked to get you to hire my pitch)
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    Hold on, don't this Charlton team play in claret and blue?
  • Must remember to get some detergent on the way home....

    And maybe some toilet paper.
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  • Well Roland how do you feel now...? Its Match-Day today with kick off just five minutes away and just look at all the fans here
  • "By adding this second set of goalposts and luminous yellow grass, we will overwork and distract the opposition goalkeeper and win the game.

    No one else in English football has thought of this because I am so clever."
  • Can you guess how many flats I can fit in behind me?
  • "Since I've been in England, people keep mistaking me for Jeremy Hunt, well thats what I think they say"
  • Not a caption - but I'm struggling to laugh at any of these...
  • *Thinking*

    Now, would it be better to get off the train early and catch the DLR to London City Airport, or should I stay on to Waterloo and try the Eurostar.
    The journey here was a bit tough and I think someone took a sneaky photo. I'm pretty sure I was papped...

    Not like the trains in the good old days, you couldn't beat a nice slam door 6305 and overhead cables. Oh, they were the nuts, they were.
    You could open the door and jump off without fear of someone taking a sneaky pic with their tripod based brownie camera, making numerous copies and posting them to all their friends..

    It's quite unsettling, really, that on my second visit to my football club that I am not able to travel using public transport without having to put up with so called customers and their pointy clicky cameras.

    If only I could afford some other mode of transport, but I really like the train. Oh, it's such a dilemma.
  • Not a caption - but I'm struggling to laugh at any of these...

    Create your own then? :)
  • Not a caption - but I'm struggling to laugh at any of these...

    Create your own then? :)
    I'm not in the mood to be funny...

  • To show the Jimmy Seed stand? Why is it his stand huh? I own the Club this is my stand not his huh
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