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Supporters or customers Part 2

Last night the Aston Villa chairman Steve Hollis met with 100 fans at a supporters' meeting. During that he said: ‘You’re only as good as the service you provide for your customer,’ to which Villa fans responded: ‘We are not customers, we are supporters'. Hollis was quick to respond by apologising for his reference but it appeared the damage was already done.

Although he had a tough evening, the fans said they appreciated his coming out to face them.

So althouth he dropped a clanger, by immediately apologising he took the sting out of it. And by facing the fans (not a hand-picked selection) and answering (unscripted) questions, he fulfilled an obligation to better communication. Something Murray and Meire have promised to the media but never delivered on.

An example of how to run a club in crisis. And why actually speaking to fans - and the ones at Villa are every bit as angry as us - can help the situation.

Will Murray or Meire learn (we know RD won't)?


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    At least he didn't say his comment was taken 'out of context', but held his hands up immediately.
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    I once had a bit of debate with Richard Murray and Peter Varney on this very topic. Interestingly, it was PV arguing for the term "customers". This was about 15 years ago, though.
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