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Addicks legend: "You can't obliterate the past - Charlton Athletic should be embracing their history


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    “You can’t obliterate the past. It is what has made Charlton, Charlton."

    I assume he's not just talking about his signed play-off final shirt that he loaned to the Museum.
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    I saw a wonderful video the other day which was about four or five minutes long that captured all those moments - the gates being opened at The Valley and fans running in, supporters cheering when it was announced we were going back and Colin Walsh hitting the back of the net against Portsmouth in our first game there again... Why isn’t that played every game on the big screen?

    Really good interview with Steve Brown (one of my favourite Defenders for Charlton that I've seen play), yet hate to say but the Portsmouth goal is being shown before every home match along with other moments on the big screen.

    He's right though, more should be being done to embrace our History
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    "Stevie Brown can't save charlton this time, but you can"
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    Brownie is a Charlton legend, but don't think he really gets the current situation based on that interview. Playing "the" 5 minute video before the start of games isn't going to get us fans back "onside".
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    Assume he's talking about my video, yes you can use it..
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    He's still Charlton - great to read
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