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Rolands Mission Statement

edited January 2016 in General Charlton
"bring down your spending

Poundland football is here

never mind the quality feel the cheapness

if your fat,out of breath,lost in the indian football wilderness,
have a shit attitude, dont care about playing,injured beyond help, cheap------CAFC is the team for you.

Inexperienced in management? never been involved in football before ? CAFC is for you "


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    Makes you wonder doesn't it.

    A multi million pound academy.
    But who would let their kids sign up when they can see a first team that looks like its just rolled out of a betting shop?
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    So cut price they can't afford a "t"... :-)
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    edited January 2016
    Only known me for a couple of months? Come on down and run the club. Into the ground.
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    You have the right skill set for Head Coach.
    Football pedigree not essential
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    Being Belgian and knowing Ronald are desireable requirements.
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    'Work with me once, you'll work with me again. I don't mind paying extra for having been an arse last time.'
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