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The all new 2016 Charlton Movie Top 10 (sponsored by Starprix)

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1. Valley of the Dolls
An inflatable sex toy is put in charge of a football club.

2. Beauty and the Beast
Animated classic where a young law graduate kisses an old frog and turns into a football expert.

3. Gone with the Wind
The last decent Charlton centre-back.

4. Pulp fiction
The CEO's latest blog on the official Charlton website.

5. Night - Meire on Elm Street

Horror classic where an entire community is wiped out by the incompetence of one zombie starring Katrien Meire as everyone's worst nightmare .

6. Apocalypse Now
A special duties soldier is sent up the remote Thames river to assassinate the mad leader of an organisation who has gone native, starring Keith Peacock as Martin Sheen.

7. The Great Dictator

A ridiculous comedian thinks he's in charge of a football club and can take over the entire world (black & white obviously) starring Roland Duchatalet as Charlie Chaplin.

8. The Empire Strikes Back
An evil warlord seeks to take over the football world but 2% of the space-citizens start to resist-starring Roland Duchatalet as Darth Vader , Peter Varney as Luke Skywalker and Colin as Chewbakker.

9.One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest

A man inspires the oppressed inmates of a lunatic asylum to fight back- starring Airman Brown as Jack Nicholson and Katrien Meire as the autocratic sadistic nurse.

10. Groundhog Day
The same events keep repeating themselves at a south London football club and no-one can stop it starring Richard Murray as Bill Murray.


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    11. Katrien ' Restaurant
    You go out to your favourite establishment and the owner holds a gun to your head.
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    edited January 2016
    Sta-prix Wars - The Force Awakens
    In a universe not very far away, the evil empire continues it's battle to crush resistance. The are seeking the legendary Luke Manager, but nobody has a clue how to find him. His location is hidden in a map carried by an annoying droid called RgVarney, who keeps popping up and stealing the scenes. One of the delights of the plot is that nearly everyone is related to everyone else, so that the hero, Jose Solo, is the father of the evil Mayer, but so is her evil overlord Rolo Duch. One of the annoying side of the film is that everyone you ever heard of in prequels turn up again, and the plot is similar to various other films in the series relaesed in 1972, 1980 and 2009, but the excitement of the destruction of the Death Sta amid protests by chanting crowds is a real highlight.
    Contains foul language, little or no dialogue and sex on the pitch.
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    The Revenant... For no other reason than the word Revenant translates as ghost in French, France is next to Belgium where our CEO hails from, our CEO has become a ghost because she's not been seen or heard from in a few weeks.
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    The Revenant... For no other reason than the word Revenant translates as ghost in French, France is next to Belgium where our CEO hails from, our CEO has become a ghost because she's not been seen or heard from in a few weeks.

    We are left from dead and fight our way back!
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    hahahaha .. back to your brilliant best Grumpy
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    Get Carter An attempt to lure ex-Millwall winger Jimmy Carter out of retirement ends in farce when, following a mix-up with the paperwork, the 91-year old ex president of the USA is recruited instead. There's a happy ending when he makes his debut at centre-back against Blackburn and shores up a leaky defence, despite having to cover teammates with less pace than himself.
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    Ratatouille - Roland Rat's plans to open a restaurant in SE London

    Raging Bull - Katrien just can't stop lying

    West Side Story - Low budget film a gang of Charlton fans in the club car park as filmed on the CEO's phone

    Fantasia - Cartoon feature vividly highlighting Duchatelet's phychedlic nightmare

    All quiet on the western front - it's gone 6pm and the fans have left the car park. Dare Katrien start her lonely walk to the station

    Silence of the Lambs - Sue Parks just can't stop those sheep from bleating

    12 Angry Men - Katrien's estimate of how many Charlton fans are unhappy

    Unforgiven - The fans will never forget how Duchatelet has dragged this club down

    Rocky - Optimistic prognosis of Charlton's survival hopes

    Taxi Driver - Plans for increasing attendances at The Valley

    I'm Alright Jack - Richard Murray is unphased by the needs of the club, because he's doing OK

    Trainspotting - 'nuff said

    The Jerk - An idiotic man struggled to make it through life on his own in St Truiden

    Dumb and Dummer - Fly of the wall documentary in the Charlton boardroom

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    Superbad - A week at Sparrows lane.

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    Not sure of the title but it is definitely a disaster movie
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    Brilliant stuff all :-)
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