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David Bowie

We've got more than enough on our plate at present, so hardly surprising that the demise of David Jones of Brixton and Bromley hasn't been commented on........

If he had an interest in football - and no one has suggested he had - it's more likely that he was a Palace man, nor did he play the Who Valley gig in 1974 or anything similar.

However, one Bowie memory that comes to mind for me is the home game against Oldham in October 1975 (we won 3-1) when Space Oddity was played as one of the half time requests, the music drifting around the huge old ground (there were all of about 8,000 of us there) at enormous volume and sounding all a bit surreal.

The other memory of that game is that Alan Groves had an outstanding match on the wing for Oldham. He died in a car crash a couple of years later at only 28.

Funny the things you remember.
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