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Boycott (Yes or No)

Boycott (Yes or No)
I cannot see any future with the current management/ownership of Charlton Athletic.

What do the fans do next?
1. Carry on with the current demonstrations
2. Boycott attending the matches next season

Yes, the Demonstration should continue.

However a boycott will hurt the club I love. This means not buying next season tickets and stop attending matches at the Valley. The club will suffer financially; this will result in sacking of players and staff.

I remember a similar dilemma, when Charlton moved lock stock and barrel to Crystal Palace Selhurst Park. All fans were upset, to leave the Valley. The programme informed us that it only took 19 minutes to travel by bus between the grounds.
I did attend Selhurst Park as I considered, at the time, it was not the club and the players fault that the landlord decided not to pay for safety improvements to the Valley.

Today I feel that the fans should boycott the Valley (but still follow the team by attending the away matches).

I suspect Roland Duchatelet is difficult customer, and will be impervious to the fans demonstrations and the boycott. He owns and runs 4 other clubs around Europe.

The real possibility he will carry on with the present regime, this will result in the decline of our club.

My choice will be to boycott the club (the fans only real method to show our dissatisfaction). Well every season Roland Duchatelet owns the club the more money he will lose.


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