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Which player(s) who are of significance will leave in January?

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Assuming the bad news is not yet out the way and the board may have believed they have done enough 'quick' recruitment to appease some of the fans who will leave?

I can't believe that nobody will leave (however periphery they may be) but who is on their way? I fear that a Tony Watt sized hole in the financial forecast means a JBG or JC sacrifice before the end of January.


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    Lawrie Wilson.
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    If Gudmundsson isn't interested, and from what I've seen he isn't, then get rid and cash in.
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    They've all had any significance they ever had stripped out of them.
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    Any RD can flog for a profit.

    Is asset stripping players and the academy.
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    If Gudmundsson isn't interested, and from what I've seen he isn't, then get rid and cash in.

    I'd keep him but would try to find someone else to play RM, so JBG could be moved into the middle to play behind a front-man. He looked pretty motivated and effective in that position against Forest. He's still got a long while on his contract so will still be worth something if we go down.
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    We need funds but we need to keep a balanced side like @Simonsen says, if we sell JBG who plays on the Right of Midfield, one of the Strikers would be the best bet.

    Reza / Vaz Te... Both out of Contract in the summer wont get us much yet they'll free up wages.

    Vetokele... His injuries will have dropped his value

    Lookman... No one wants to see it happen, if it does then hopefully it'll include a loan back

    Makienok... He's not ours to sell

    That leaves us Tony Watt who has played for two clubs this season so may not be able to move on, surely he must though else why recall and start paying his wages.

    I guess Rhys Williams could be sent back after his 28-day loan as it'll leave us with a few days before the window closes, the only other player with any sell value is Cousins who Id be shocked to see go, whilst Harriott could also be sold yet he's in the same boat as Reza and Vaz Te.

    Best options would be to find buyers for Moussa and Bergdich who seem to be stealing a living at the moment
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