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Premiership Ambition........really

The Master Plan is to invest in youth players and foreign cheap imports with potential that RD hits the jackpot with said players so that he can sell on along with all the usual add ones and make a profit.
So where is the ambition to reach the premiership going to become a reality ?
( KM. ..said we probably won't have our best players by then )
Imagine for CAFC to reach the promised land we would need to keep all our gifted youth and foreign imports so that we can get there and maintain that status. That means no one to be sold which equals no profit.
My conclusion is that RD has NO INTENTION or AMBITION as this would be totally counter productive to his vision. How can you showcase players for the Premiership in the Premiership.
Therefore Jose Riga fits the bill. He is a network person who will coach the players that RD says he wants played. JR would have no say as to ins and outs.
That explains why RD needs us to stay in the Championship and not League One and that's about as good as it's going to get.
You've got to go some to showcase in League One
If we CAFC customers have ambitions to get to the Premiership we need RD to go.
Maybe being relegated is the only chance we have of ridding ourself of this Big Man..


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    Someone is lying....
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    Bristol city will appoint a new manager,you can bet he will be on a decent wage,
    Far more than Riga pay peanuts and get monkeys.
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    edited January 2016
    But haven't we always developed youth players and sold them? Even if we hold on to them a couple of months more, the player gets to hear of his value and then on his toes a la Parker.
    It's funny about the Premier ambition which throws me somewhat. I think I started following Charlton in 69 and I started quite excitingly when we ended 3rd in the second division. We spiralled following that season and eventually plonked into the 3rd. I stayed with Charlton and went to virtually all home and away matches; it was great fun. Exciting cup matches always etc. I guess it was my local team, local players which kept me going being part of the club; win, lose or draw we were in it together. A taste of the promise land whilst in exile and then full on into the Premiership. Again, we were in it together. I'm stayed once more when we spiralled and plonked back into the third. But this time it smelt different with the change in owners. We are no longer in it together. It's not the ambition of getting to the top again, it's my club that's being ripped away from me, dividing supporters and players and owners. I don't care what nationality they are but I do care when they don't understand they are ripping the soul out of my club.
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    edited January 2016
    Sorry but I worked that out 2 years ago. Wasn't it obvious ? The good/bad news is that Duchbags plan for us to continue to scrape by in the Championship so he still get his TV money and a platform to showcase our best young players is gonna fail this time as we are going to League One because Duchbag continues to sell any Talent and invests in Euro nomarks. He mistakenly believes Riga will save us again. He really isn't at the races is he?
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