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Selection Panel meeting Official Notes

Date Jan 13th 5 PM 2016

The Valley Board Room

Attendees; KM and RD (via phone link)

1) KM establishes link with RD

2) KM "i have the list of candidates RM. Edinborough,Makay,Warnock.Curbishley."

3) RD "Never herd of any of them and they dont sound Belgian to me ? any way its Riga"

4) KM " may i say what a truly profound and visionary choice that is RD ?"

5) RD " you may but i knew that"

6) KM " what shall we tell the customers? "

7) KM " RD are you there ?"

8) RD " comrade KM im disappointed in you ! have you forgotten your training? as socialists we dont give a shit what the plebs think now we are in charge "

9) KM " im sorry great leader i will go and sing the red flag 3 times"

10) RD " is there any thing else ? my frites are getting cold*"

11) KM " no great one im your humble servant. Have a great night and kisses, a great pleasure to hear your words i will be off for a shower as im a little moist"

12) Rd "understandable"

RD signs of 5.02 PM meeting ends.


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