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Song for KM

To the tune of “You are my sunshine” or to the younger customers “ You are my Charlton, my only Charlton.

Oh Katrien Mierre ...... you are a liar
You’ve lied over and over again
Buy your ticket back to Belgium
We never want to see you again ......repeat many many times


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    Oh miere liar
    The future's quite plain to see
    Fuk off from cafc
    Oh miere liar
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    To the tune of 'super clive':

    Meire, Meire lies
    Meire, Meire lies
    Meire, Meire lies
    F*** off back to Belgium
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    edited January 2016
    I actually think 'stand up if you want them out' is excellent.

    Most of us customers support it.
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    mentioned on another thread but why not have another outing;

    katrien meire's a slapper
    she wears a wonderbra
    and when shes fing roland
    she thinks of naby sarr
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    To the tune of build a bonfire, take your pick of verses......

    Say goodbye now say goodbye now
    All you do is f%#>ing lie
    Katrien you're only interim
    Off you go now say goodbye

    Build a bonfire build a bonfire
    But the Katrien on the top
    Put the Roland in the middle
    And then burn the f%#>ing lot

    It's all over its all over
    You simply haven't got a clue
    More managers than you have brain cells
    There's nothing left for you to screw

    We'll get our Charlton back get our Charlton back
    Deportations set for you
    Back to Belguim say goodbye now
    There's nothing left for you to do

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    How about adopting the TV ad Joe Hart/Head & Shoulders song with its brisk pace?

    No no, no no no no, no no no no, there's no Meire.
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    Slap my bitch up.
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    Ding Dong the witch is dead
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    Ding Dong the witch is dead

    When she's gone, Brendan, when she's gone.
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