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Selling Young Players

Can our young players refuse to be sold,can they not turn down going to another club on personal terms?.If the young talent we have think anyting of Charlton,who have given a start to their careers they woluld not go,therefore not given R.D the profit he wants.


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    Yes they can simply say they don't want to play for the interested clubs.

    I think it's unfair to suggest that the youngsters get involved in this as a footballers career is a short one and a dozen or so games for charlton in the championship does not mean they have made it.
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    I am sure most young professional footballers would leave for higher wages to support their family or lifestyle as well as their long term career. Their agents would also have a big influence. The only possible way we could hold on to them is if we could match their aspirations inside the club. The best way to achieve this is being back in the Premier League ourselves.
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