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Nebojša Vignjević (Beaten to it, please destroy)

So rumours are flying about that this guy looks to be our next manager puppet. Not sure if the rumours have stemmed from these articles that appeared yesterday in the foreign press which seem to indicate that he travelled to Charlton a couple of days ago, or someone 'ITK' has seen him at the Valley:

If he has been at the Valley I can only hope he it was only for an interview, and he was swiftly turned down because I honestly think I might claw my eyes out if they appoint this guy. I mean he would be better than KF, that's not hard, but it would be another completely unjustifiably and ludicrous appointment and so soon after they apparently admitted they underestimated the level of the Championship. Anyway, does anyone know anything else about him, looking at his background he comes from worse a managerial 'pedigree' than both Peeters and Luzon.
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