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CAFC is now Broken.

It is one bad result after another. The players feel like the supporters (sorry customers) they have lost all respect for the Regime. They'll take their wages and hope they are moved on sooner rather than later. (As KM told the VIPs We don't need your money as we don't have any problem with cash flow ) They feel that they are playing for a club with no direction and no ambition. Yes the Team should play for the shirt. But leadership comes from the manager. No disrespect to KF but he is out of his league it's like asking a Foreign lower league coach to coach. (Erm I think I've put my finger on the problem )

Wake up RD you big man. KM &RM ( yes you are the dream team that's made supporting Charlton a nightmare) and run this club properly by getting a manager who has pride in the club and manages the team that Respect him and play their heart out for the supporters. Or quietly arrange a meeting with PV so that he can put us all out of our misery and find us an owner who wants to have pride in owning and making CAFC a successful club. Someone who thinks anything other than winning is NOT acceptable.

RD is a winner in business maybe that's why he is not interested in attending and watching as we are always losing.

This regime makes Glikstein seem a Saint.


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    Goodbye club, goodbye club, saying goodbye to our club, and as we were saying...

    Rather than drag things out maybe some utterly disastrous results are what's needed. Regime out. Rebuild.
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    edited January 2016
    Tempted to flag for the " no disrespect to KF " comment
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    I did point out that he is not up to it. He is out of his league Its the regime that should be flagged for incompetence
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