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Rotherham 30/1/16 advanced purchase train tickets

Given the game is only three weeks away the fares are not too bad.

There is a 9.58 10.26 and 10.58 costing £24.50 with a 17.51 coming back costing £21.50 going out and back changing at Sheffield, with all prices before railcard discounts.

BUT if you can suffer the coach and save a LOT of money, Megabus to Meadowhall the 8 and 9.30 costs £4.50 with the 19.30 back costing £4.50. There are numerous trains from Meadowhall and back costing £3.20 return, before any railcard discounts.

But be warned, this is a pig of a way to travel and you'll be shattered by the time you get home.


  • Trains from Rotherham back to Meadowhall not so reliable after the game if you staying for a drink post match. Ended up in a cab.
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