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'An Ode to the Belgium Elite' - my cathartic moment!

Here is my ode
to the Belgium Elite,
who strolled into Charlton
with contempt and deceit

Showed total disdain
for the fans of this club,
their gaggle of customers’
just enjoying some grub!

39 years
as my second abode,
the place that I love
The Valley Floyd Road

With not just one care
for our passion and heart,
you drive us to despair
as you rip us apart!

A millionaire businessman
with liberal ideas,
and his young lawyer sidekick
spreading lies and vile smears

Out of their depth
it was soon very clear,
with amateurish appointments
Karel Fraeye, please? Oh dear!

And then there was Murray
once one of our own,
take off that coat Richard
“it’s turning” we moan!!

With you in our midst
our future’s not so sweet,
so feck off back home
you Belgium Elite!!


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Roland Out!