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Parking At Colchester

Stadium car park is sold out so looking for options.

Seems to be a case of either parking at the train station and getting the shuttle or using the Park & Ride at Cuckoo Farm. The preview on the O/S says that Cuckoo Farm is walkable to ground, but having just looked on a map it looks miles away.

Any suggestions from people who have driven before would be welcomed.


  • A new Colchester Town Centre Park and Ride service has been recently introduced, the car park to which is situated on the opposite side of the A12 to the Weston Homes Stadium (signposted just off Junction 28). This car park has 1,000 spaces and fans attending games are welcome to use the car park. It costs £3 to park there and it closes at 7.30pm for Saturday games and 10.30pm for midweek matches. From the car park it is then a relatively short walk five minute across the A12 bridge to the stadium. There is also a McDonalds restaurant located next to the Park and Ride.
  • Cheers, think I was getting the location of the new Park & Ride mixed up. Looks to be the place to head for.
  • There is a Park and Ride about half a mile from the ground. This is the park and ride for taking people into Colchester town centre. You can park there for £3 and you can get out and onto the A12 fairly easy.
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