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NEW ARTICLE: Closing the door with a bang

Hot Chocolate may have believed in miracles, but sadly I don’t. Barring an episode of results and good fortune of such epic proportions that Spielberg would be proud of, the reality is that Charlton will be going on a Championship tour next season.

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  • Brilliant article, I'm feeling quite moved!

    There are definitely a lot of positives from this season, I agree, which have come from all the shite things!

  • That was quality.

    I think that would have been perfect for the opening page of tomorrows programme.
  • Nice one D, sums out our unique club rather nicely!!
  • Great read but fact if we win our next 2 games we are safe as West Ham won't beat United and a draw is not good enough for them.
  • Except Man U have just clinched the title, and so may want to rest so players prior to the FA Cup final the following week.
  • That is quality! especially the bit with the opposition will change but i never watch them anyway. well said!

    And the pigeon. Does anyone think he will actually be at the valley next season if we go down? I bet the little bleeder has a st application all filled out ready for Upton park next season. The swine.

    *one pint too many me thinks*
  • nice one AFKA
  • cheers for your comments guys and girls.

    Strangely it feels more apt the morning after than when i actually wrote it...
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