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Looks like the r's has fallen out of Charlton



  • I'm wondering if that was actually deliberately done, you know a bit of smart marketing, to market solely at the Wednesday fans, because the amount of times I've heard northerners actually say chalton, it all makes sense, Roland, you genius.

    Why print Chalton, when it's across the top of the ticket?
  • As someone else said, it's just sloppy, have the club not heard of quality checking?

    It just seems to sum up how the club is currently being run from top to bottom. Reactivate instead of being Proactive.
  • Tbf, Chalton is the pronounciation up north
  • Chalton might be misspelled but it's a noun not a pronoun. (spelling pedantry sailing high over the target's head)
    Pronounciation is of course a neologism.
    What the yorkies' pronunciation of Charlton might be is anyone's guess.
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