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Vulcan's last flight

I saw the three V bombers the Vulcan, Victor and Valiant fly in formation at Farnborough as a seven year old kid one of their earliest public displays. The pilot of the Vulcan had done a victory roll over the airfield a few days before but was never allowed to do it again, but the sight and sound of these beasts was truly awesome. My mate's dad took us there on his motorbike and sidecar. Nostalgia's a powerful emotion and I've got this urge to go up to Doncaster and see it fly for the last time, even if I can't get hold of a motorbike and sidecar.


  • I saw a Vulcan flying a year or two back while staying at my friend's cottage on the Dorset/Somerset border - it was a magnificent beast, completely unmistakeable and a pleasingly bizarre presence above the hedgerows and herb gardens. It moved with an indulgent slowness. Good luck if you decide to see it.
  • I thought it had already taken it's last flight... do you know what date this will be? My cousin lives in Donny, may pay him a visit.
  • Last weekend. Flew over Gravesend as part of the route.
  • kentred2 said:

    Last weekend. Flew over Gravesend as part of the route.


    Because according to the BBC:
    "Following the flypast tours, the XH558 bomber will make one final flight towards the end of October, details of which have yet to be confirmed"
  • It was due to fly at The Goodwood Revival last month but had to pull out at the last moment due to a fuel leak. I was gutted, even more so because you could just about see it in the distance before it had to turn to base.
  • The Vulcan flew over Hastings last year...unfortunately we were away at the time.
  • Was playing golf in Essex on Sunday and it flew quiet low and right over us on the course. Was pretty impressive.
  • I went to the Headcorn Airshow in August to see the Vulcan for the first time.

    An amazing beast - brought a tear to the eye to see, hear and feel it.
  • Back in my yoof I spent a couple of years living in Cramlington in Northumberland. The Vulcans sometimes did (very) low level practice runs coming in off the North Sea over the top of my house! The noise and vibration was quite extraordinary but a superb sight nonetheless. One night there was a low level flight in darkness and fog and I really thought a Vulcan was about to come ploughing straight through my bedroom window.

    If you want to get a flavour

    End of an era.
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  • Saw it over Gravesend over the weekend, and it was stunning. Always remember watching a TV show about the Vulcan a few years back, about how the pilots knew they would be returning from a nuclear bombing raid, not know if they could land, be safe or what would be left behind.
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    I walked down to the sea front at Herne Bay on Sunday. It did its southern route along the Kent coast past Whitstable and onto Herne Bay - where it flew by at around 1:45. A magnificent sight and sound that lasted - ooh about 20 seconds and then it was gone! Bit disappointed - at the Herne Bay Airshow in August it did some great manoeuvres - but this was just what it said on the tin - a flypast and it was gone...hundreds of people all left a bit bemused! get a better view here!
  • I was pleased to help get her back in the air by donating to the restoration programme. Sad to see her retiring but it was great to see her flying again.
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    Such an amazing sight.

    My friend Gareth's dad was a test pilot and trainer of pilots for the Vulcan. He went to Scampton to visit the Red Arrows a few months back and was given an amazing reception by them all.

    Was always a huge crowd pleaser at Biggin Hill. Truly iconic and sad to see it won't be flying any more.

    A bit from the Beeb...
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    We went to wings and wheels and the guy said it was the vulcans last flight in the UK at an airshow
  • Seen it many times when they used to have the Southend Airshow. I remember when the RAF were going to scrap them and then kept hold because of the Faulklands. Always a fave of mine. Last time I saw it was at Clacton last year. Sad to think it won't fly any more.

  • An amazing beast - brought a tear to the eye to see, hear and feel it.

    If I had a pound for every time I've heard that..
    You'd be skint
  • Last flight is due sometime this month at Doncaster.
    I saw her at Herne Bay too @cafc-west

    She probably still has many hours left in her but the companies responsible for guaranteeing maintenance have pulled the plug.

    Dan O'Hagan has written a brilliant piece about her and her future on UK Aviation review:
  • My friend's dad was a Vulcan pilot in the 1960's and in fact piloted this very plane.

    He has been very unwell recently but arrangements were put in place to enable him to see it one last time on its fly past last weekend. Sadly though he passed away on the Friday night.
  • beautiful plane love it. seen them flying and at airshows, don't make em like they used to!
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  • @sillav nitram question re your picture / avatar thing. Are MAD comics worth anything ? I've got loads in the attic.
  • There was I parked up in Hoo on Sunday and guess what flew over from the Gravesend direction out over Medway?

    Great sight.
  • Was great to see at the Herne Bay airshow
    earlier this year. Shame that I missed it fly over
    last Sunday, not enough publicity about the times.
  • PL54 said:

    @sillav nitram question re your picture / avatar thing. Are MAD comics worth anything ? I've got loads in the attic.

    no definitely not, what on earth made you think that, no really, no way, not a jot, not one iota. in fact probably negative equity%)>

    I'll take them off your hands.

    to be honest I don't know, I'm sure if in good nick, most things are collectable.

    that pic is off a book cover I located at the second hand book stalls at the southbank. I had been looking, though not vey hard, for some time.

    but seriously if you want to get rid of some I might be interested but not at an arm and a leg.
  • @DaveMehmet I was at Goodwood too, gutted it didn't display. But you're absolutely right, it was there in the distance above the downs before the fuel leak struck.

    I saw it on Sunday here in Sussex on its final tour of the south - majestic.
  • We were walking the dogs on Westgate beach on Sunday when it flew over so low you felt you could almost touch it. I believe its last ever flight will be at the end of the month
  • I was lucky enough to have flown in a vulcan when I was in the atc, long time ago
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