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Posting messages on the same subject

Guys, been a big increase in this of late. Everyone is guilty of it, including me, so i'm not pointing the finger at anyone at all, but the Ben Thatcher posts and the minibus stuff are examples of 6 or 7 repeat discussions when one already exists. There board is getting busier so it will make it easier to follow subjects.

If you could just have a glace down the board, or use the search function before starting a new topic, i think it will help the forum flow a little easier.

cheers peeps.


  • Might help if people made the subject more obvious to what they're posting, ie today there's a post subject "I can't believe that"... what's that all about?
  • ...hence my subsequent double post !!
  • Does it really matter? The "Thatcher" posts were mischievously reignited as a laugh. They were from months ago.
    Many posts are headed "Last Night" or "Saturday" but they have totally different discussions on them.
    I really don't think it is a major problem.
  • there's two stickies about the charity games!
  • edited May 2007
    [cite]Posted By: Salad Spinner[/cite]there's two stickies about the charity games!


    (Actually, make that 3 now!)
  • It's still happening!!!
  • Some forums have the ability to merge threads when they have the same content... can that be done here?
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