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Mayor of Swanley's Charity Hill Climb

Dear fellow Lifers

On Wednesday 9th May 2007, Mrs McMoist, also known as Councillor Lesley Dyball the worshipful Mayor of Swanley, will be making the gruelling hill climb up Ben Nevis to raise money for her charity fund. Lesley’s two chosen charities this year are the Ellenor Foundation (The hospice at home service based in Dartford) and Cancer Research UK and she is hoping that by undertaking this challenge she will encourage generous sponsorship for a final boost to her charity fund before her term of office ends on May 16th.

Lesley is a staunch Charlton supporter and a season ticket holder in the North Stand but her duties have prevented her from attending as many games as she would have liked this season, hence no appearance at Blackburn on Saturday. However, she recognises that fellow supporters’ priorities for donating money to charity may lay in other areas particularly in relation to Demelza House and understands if this is a donation too far. As a matter of interest, Demelza House is the Mayor of Greenwich’s chosen charity and she has supported many of his charity fund raising events this past year.

It hasn’t been possible to set up something on the ‘Justgiving’ website but if you would like to sponsor Lesley, please send me a whisper and I will provide you with details of where you can send your cheque. Alternatively, we could just come to the pub on Monday and nick your wallets!

Before anyone asks, I’m not doing it myself. I’m far too fat and besides someone’s got to stay at home and look after the cat.


Valley Mac


  • Ahem..Bump
  • how about valley, i put a tenner to this cause and you put a tenner to my bike ride?
  • Ahem...
  • Ahem...
  • Give me nudge tomorrow night. I'll give £10 PLUS £10 for every goal we score. PLUS £10 if we win.

  • [cite]Posted By: Stone[/cite]Give me nudge tomorrow night. I'll give £10 PLUS £10 for every goal we score. PLUS £10 if we win.


    LOL...You better bring your fat loaded wallet, then
  • V McM, pop down the pub...Oak? and I will be glad to make a donation

  • Just had a call from Mrs McMoist. she's made to to the top of Ben Nevis. A BIG thank you to those of you who have made a contribution to her charity fund.
  • congrats! thats brilliant!
  • Well done, Mrs M! And glad you found some snow...
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