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Personal Development Letter

My daughter,aged 18, is shortly to go a 'Personal Development' camp with her school, where the focus is solely on promoting the positive and inspiring aspects of the pupils.
As part of this, her school have emailed me to say that each pupil is to receive a handwritten letter from 2 people, could be parents,grandparents,relatives,sports instructors etc outlining how said pupil has inspired them, and all things positive.
Now, i know that if i start writing something, then i am going to be a tearful wreck within 2 paragraphs.
Has anybody had any experience of writing these? , and any guidance on what has worked well? or is it simply a case of blabbing down about how brilliant your own child is ?


  • Don't have any kids so can't comment there, but I do write a lot of stuff so can help a little bit.

    Don't feel like whatever you're writing is your final product. It could start off as a list of it helps, then all you need to do is combine the points that are closely related, and turn each remaining point into a small paragraph. Doing it that way might help keep
    it cold and methodical rather than emotional! And maybe promise yourself you can be emotional when you read the final product, but not during the process.
  • Thanks Jimmy. Some interesting points.
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    "My daughter has inspired me to use contraception.."

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