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"There comes a time when all the cosmic tumblers have clicked into place and the universe opens....

.......itself up for a few seconds to show you what's possible"

For those who like omens, patterns, who believe in cosmic tumblers, numerology, think is anything more than just a few blokes playing around on the internet or can remember where they were when Kennedy was shot (I was leaning out of a book depository building in Dallas as it happens) this could be a good season.

This season 2015/6 ends in a six and that means, maybe, Charlton will have an interesting year.

1906 - We win our first ever league in our first competitive season. OK it was only the Lewisham League division III but we started at the bottom and worked our way up

1916 - Playing the greater game v the Hun

1926 - Now a league side (just) as Charlton and QPR have to both apply for re-election to the football league after finishing second bottom and bottom of division 3 south respectively. No automatic relegation or promotion out of the league then.

1936 - Promoted for the first time to the top flight as runners up in Division 2 to Man Utd. They went straight back down, we finished second

1946 - Reached our first FA Cup final and finished third in the Football league south. Birmingham and Villa ended on 61 points, Charlton had 60. One more win in league and cup and we'd have won the double.

1956 - 14th in Division one (top flight to anyone under 30)

1966 - England win the world cup in Charlton colours. Finish 16th in Division 2

1976 - 9th in Division 2

1986 - Win promotion back to the top flight for first time in 40 years despite playing at Selhurst Park.

1996 - 6th place and a play-off place (the one we don't talk about)

2006 - last season under Curbs

2016 - We shall see


  • Have you tried asking the Illuminati?
  • All looks good....the 1966 link is a bit dubious....!
  • Addickted said:

    Have you tried asking the Illuminati?

    Assuming they are working with us on this, I'm hoping they disbanded in 1975 and reformed a couple of years later!
  • Addickted said:

    Have you tried asking the Illuminati?

    They said they are too busy deposing the royal family, creating an earthquake in Israel and fixing the US presidential election, again, to worry about football.
  • 1976 is hardly a cracker either
  • edited August 2015
    Pretty much fukc all for 60years then mate :)
  • Pretty much fukc all for 60years then mate :)

    That just means we're due a good'un!
  • cafc-west said:

    All looks good....the 1966 link is a bit dubious....!

    Charlton brothers?
  • Years ending in a 7 seem a bit more dramatic, based on this, tbh ;)
  • Who let Leuth's missus write the thread title?
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  • Can anyone set a new discussion up as "Charlton Life Article and Podcast" or is it for really important people like @brogib
  • I was going to start a thread discussing whether Charlton could make the playoffs this season, but I think Henry's covered all the bases.
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