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Cardiff away 26/9 advance purchase train tickets

First Great Western are not the cheapest and for this trip are not plentiful on the cheapest tickets.

The 7.45 out is £22 and the 8.45 is £18, all others are £29 upwards.

Coming back is better with the 17.25 18.25 and 19.25 all at £18.

All prices are before railcard discounts.

The 17.25 is doable but you have to make it a brisk walk and know where you are going.

I'll advise on a boozer near Grangemouth station which is ten minutes walk behind the away end, but the name escapes me for the moment. Was in there last season and really sound with Sky Sports tele


  • There are plenty of decent pubs near the centre as well, last season many Charlton fans ended up in the Wetherspoons opposite the Arms park, The Gatekeeper
  • just booked for 5 of us 9.45 from Paddington up and 18.25 back £31.35 each with railcards, straight into a pub near Paddington to catch 2nd half of England wales in the rugby, any recommendations?.
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