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Songs For The Millwall Relegation Party

Status Quo - Down Down
Four Seasons - Oh What A Night
Charles Jolly - Laughing Policeman (ha ha ha ha ha)
David Bowie - Dancing In The Street
Inspiral Carpets - Dragging Me Down


  • Millwall Fans - We Fear No Burton Albions
  • 'Happy' Cee Lo Green
  • Really think there should be a minutes applause at some point on Saturday? 41st minute might work?
  • You can keep your election, and royal baby, the cork is unleashed, fire away!
  • stevec said:

    Goodbye Cruel World by Pink Floyd
    Down down, deeper and down Status Quo
    Highway to hell AC/DC
    Can you hear Millwall sing? Charlton Athletic
    Yesterday The Beatles

  • Celebration - Kool & The Gang
  • I really think a minute of laughter would be brilliant if enough people joined in.
  • to the song of now you gonna believe us:

    The scum are in league one!
    The scum are in league one!

    The Charlton's havin a party!
    The Charlton's havin a party!
    The Charlton's havin a party!

    The scum are in league one!
  • Any person caught singing any of the above on Saturday needs to be immediately sectioned.
  • The Jeremy Kyle Spanners 12 days of Christmas.
    12 cans of carling,
    11 DNA tests,
    10 dads to choose from,
    9 teeth between them,
    8 squeezed in tracksuits,
    7 stinking smackrats,
    6 Dunlop trainers,
    5 stolen rings,
    4 fat slags,
    3 ugly tw*ts,
    2 timing c*nts,
    and a w*nker who parades them on TV……

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  • This is hubris personified.
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