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Ketman minibus

edited April 2007 in Match Day Travel
I assume someone's bringing a football? Can't not have a kick around at the services can we...

Oh, and Kev's trying to source a blow up doll for some reason


  • Not in my bag packed already

    2 x Ham Rolls
    1 x Pineapple
    1 x knife for pineapple
    1 x orange
    1 x apple
    1 x bunch of grapes
    1 x 1.5 strawberry volvic
    12 x tins of carling
    plus earlier mentioned CDs
  • i'll bring a St Georges Cross and a Charlton Cushion that we can throw around
  • I'd love to be largin it with you blokes I tell thee but once I'm landed at Gatwick tonight at 8.30 and you boys are still North of Nottingham pissing in the radiator of the chuckle bus I'll be laughing!

    Seriously. I'm gutted I'm not with you lot.

    I'm going home sick now, see you all tomorrow lads.

    Paul, I'll buy your old man a beer at the airport
  • i) A extra strong Glade Air Freshner
    ii) Sco's Gucci Flask for Peeing in
    iii) Latest Ketman CD
    iv) Copy of Razil sorry Raz I meant the other one
    V) Can someone bring an FHM ?
  • vi) puncture repair kit for 'Mavis'
  • vii) Maria's Pole ?
  • viii) Maria
  • Oi!! How the hell did I get into this coversation - Plus I'm not going!!


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