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Charlton reveal new entry system


  • I thought this was going to be another sex video
  • Are they actually having a new entry system?
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    Are they actually having a new entry system?

    Yeah the turnstiles are gonna be electric with card season tickets rather than the book
  • Loose Lips...... Henry. Be Careful.
  • Once those cards get cloned it coukd be like the 70s all over again when the east terrace gangways were clearly defined for big games by the gaps between the massed crowd and then the gate for the biggest league ground in the country would be given out as 20k and we'd go 'yeah, right' in disbelief, only this time there will less empty seats and the crowd will be given as 16k...or not as the case may be
  • Look like this

  • Loose Lips...... Henry. Be Careful.

    We don't care what the Millwall say,
    What the he'll do we care : - )

    This is another item loaned to the museum

    It is a turnstile counter from the pre-exile Valley.

    At the time it was state of the art. We're trying to find out more about its age and history.
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