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New Car. Alfa or BMW

Wife wants a new car. Its either a 1 series BMW or an Alfa Giulietta (not open to alternatives). Which one?


  • I had a 1 series BMW 2.0 disel convertible very fast car handled well didn't really have a bad word to say about it, felt like I was bombing around in a go kart and enjoyed every minute is the only way of describing it.
  • The thing thats putting me off the BMW is the fact that literally everything seems to be an option.

  • Head BMW (one of the best automobile manufacturers in the world, if not the best, bloody Germans ;- ) Heart Alfa. Anyone remember the Alfa Sud? When it worked, what a car.
  • Someone's doing alright :-)

    Both sound great, enjoy pal
  • No number plate should go anywhere but the centre of the bloody car.
    For that reason alone, go with the BMW
  • A 1 series is a BMW for the sake of having a BMW. So either go for a better BM or go for the Alfa.
  • 1 series won't cause you many problems, German reliability. At the same time I agree with the last post it's only 'just' a BM. The 'cool' choice id go Alfa
  • Alfa's in the 60's and 70's were about soul, passion and unreliability. When they worked they were fantastic. Not the same now.

    BMW's are the best engineered cars in the world. The 1 series isn't about entry into the marque, it's about a car that fits a certain sector in the marketplace. The new facelift model is a real improvement on the old one and it will also hold its value much better than the Alfa.

    If these are the only choices then BMW all the way.
  • Neither. Vauxhall Corsa :-)
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    The Alfa everytime. But why would you limit your choices to two? I have just sold my Jag and bought an Audi, fantastic car.

  • Stephen James BMW in foots cray have some excellent finance offers. £259 deposit and £259 a month. 1.6d sport.
  • Was surprised by how large the 1 series felt inside. M version was very nice, but you do pay for everything.

    Couldn't recomend the Alfa, but as others have said every petrol head should have one at sometime.
  • Before deciding - will it have a factory fitted sat nav? And is a good system important to you? If so, check out where Alfa is currently with the Uconnect system. It seems it does not collect and react to traffic info to automatically change route guidance to take account of accidents/road works, etc. It seems possible it never will in the UK & Ireland which means the system is not fit for purpose.

  • I had a BMW 1 for a couple of years. Very nice, plenty of poke, surprisingly roomy but not if you've got 3 kids. Don't know Alfa very well but bad reputation for reliability and rust.
  • I had an Alfa Cloverleaf Veloce - if you want style and character get the Alfa, as its for the wife get a BMW
  • I drive a lot of different cars in this class. The 1 series has always been the stand out for me. Now's an excellent time to get a deal as the end of quarter is looming large.
  • Wife wants a new car. Its either a 1 series BMW or an Alfa Giulietta (not open to alternatives). Which one?

    I have *exactly* the same decision to make in a few months' time. Let me know what you end up deciding. (For me, it's Alfa all the way...)
  • Make her get a proper day you might have to travel in it with her, or God forbid, drive it up, there's only so many times you can tell people it's your wife's car before they stop believing you...get something big and with muscle, point out she will look sexier driving that and other drivers will show her more respect
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  • Have a 1 series recently bought from Stephen James @ Ruxley. Very impressed for the price and sales service was excellent. Haggled an upgrade to professional media free of charge and that package has most of the gadgets or extras you'd want. Not particularly exciting to drive though.
  • A while back I replaced a BMW Compact with a new Alfa 156. The Alfa was a really great drive but not that reliable. The main Alfa dealer I purchased the car from were crooks - lying about delivery, poor delivery preparation and very, very poor servicing - every time it went in for a service they replaced rear suspension bushes (whatever they are) My work colleague bought one at the same time and had a font suspension part replaced at every service. I sold the car as soon as the guarantee ran out as I was fearfully of the bills that I would likely receive.
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    Been driving Italian cars for 32 years now. First Lancia's, then a Fiat once, now my second Alfa. I remember waking up at night wondering what weird sound I was hearing ... it was my car rusting .... However, that all changed now. That Fiat stilo was better than a Golf. My "alfa rosso" GT was perfect: not once a problem while driving it 130000 kms. And now my 'bianco" 159 TI is still soldiering on with 197000 kms on the clock without one problem. Mind you, I take it for maintenance to an Alfa specialist. I think that's important.
    My brother in law has been a beamer fan whole his life. Bought 4 times a 3-series, never a problem. Last 2 cars however (both 5 series) are a different story. Had engine management problems, and eventually some German engineers had to come over from Munich.
  • I alway drive Alfa's. I'm getting on so less sexy versions now but still drive an Alfa 159. Partner has a VW Golf. Go for the Alfa Giulietta!
  • BMWs do scream "I have absolutely no imagination"
  • alfa unless you're black that is;-))
  • BMW all day for me. As someone else has said - Alfa were lovely cars back in the 60s/70s but now just run of the mill in my opinion.
  • The only car I ever drive is an Alfa so I'd go for the BMW.
  • It's like choosing a woman. The Alfa is the looker that will turn heads and all your mates would love a go.

    The BMW is reliable and won't let you down, even if a little on the predictable side.

    Bloody hell, I'm turning into swiss Tony............

  • I don't really know what predictable or unoriginal means in this context. Unless people are building their own cars.

    Driven a 525 for the last few years. Got it cheap and cheerful like. Most solid car I've owned (the others we Mk1 Escorts so that's not saying a great deal) and the engine is the size of a small farm. Completely and utterly impractical, money-wise, but a fun car to have.
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