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Prediction Knock Out Cup Semi Final results/Johnstone Paints Quarter Final results

So, we now know who is heading to Wembley for the final of the Prediction Knock Out Cup this year. Bangkokaddick put in another solid performance to defeat SaySomething 3-1 while Bosseyedduck got past covered end junior with a 3-2 win.

In the Johnstones Paint, only LenGlover is safely into the semi finals with a crushing 6-2 win over HantsAddick. The other three ties will be replayed the week after next as there is no prediction competition this week.

Dates for remaining games:

Johnstones Paint Quarter Final replays – weekend of 4/5 April.
Johnstones Paint Semi Final – weekend of 11/12 April
Johnstones Paint Semi Final replays – weekend of 18/19 April
Finals of Prediction Knock Out Cup and Johnstones Paint – weekend of 25/26 April
Replays of Finals (if needed) – weekend of 2/3 May

Results of Prediction Knock Out Cup Semi Finals

Bangkokaddick (82) v. SaySomething (29) 3-1
Bosseyedduck (10) v. covered end junior (76) 3-2

Results of Johnstones Paint Quarter Finals

Tor (16) v. Lewis Coaches (20) 2-2
LenGlover (33) v. HantsAddick (26) 6-2
AidenTheAddick (73) v. Carl Leaburn (31) 3-3
Viewfinder (40) v. Alex Wright (5) 4-4

Johnstone Paint replays (weekend of 4/5 April)

Lewis Coaches (20) v. Tor (16)
Carl Leaburn (31) v. AidenTheAddick (73)
Alex Wright (5) v. Viewfinder (40)


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