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Caption competition


  • 'That sun used to be alright, but now......'
  • You know when Roland said that he recycled players and you said, Lawrie, that recycling you would suit you to a T. What he meant was that you are serving tea in the KCM Recycling Stand starting tomorrow.
  • Pie in the sky if you ask me.
  • PR: "Aye lad, you'll go darn a treat round here with T'alice band n all!"

    LW: "Cool!"
  • Seen one eclipse you've seen them all.
  • Its a bloody long way to go just to meet a nice Northern lass.

  • We used to have a bit of banter back at Charlton, me, Jacko and the lads. How we laughed when one of the lads said he wanted go back up North and then signed for Brighton.

    Anyway, once the tour of the New York Stadium is out of the way, any chance of a trip to see the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty
  • I never knew Katrien's full name was Katrien Charlton Meire...
  • Wilson "I hope this bench is comfier then the one at Charlton"
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  • Raynor .. 'If you still wear that little Bo Peep outfit .. watch out for them Asian lads down the High Street'
  • "Right Lawrie, it's time for you to hop into Katrien's recycling stand and we'll take it from there"
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