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***Friday's £1,000 (ed £2,000, nope £3,000) Challenge - Please read***

Saturday is World Down Syndrome Awareness Day.

As everyone knows, Charlton's Community Trust has been running a successful and supportive Down Syndrome programme (Charlton Upbeats) for a number of years.

We've been proud that CL has been linked with the Upbeats right from the start; Our members on here played a huge part in securing the initial funding, the provision of kit and equipment, and ongoing fundraising.It is not a cheap programme to maintain, but it's a worthwhile one.

On Saturday morning dozens / hundreds of us will be doing an 8 mile fundraising walk from Sparrows Lane to The Valley (It's NOT too late to take register and take part, it's only a tenner, and you get to walk with Bolder, Rufus, Webbo, Leaburn and Katrien).

However, the point is to fund raise. At the moment the total is well below the target. Yesterday it was boosted by around a £1k, mainly looking down the list through generous members on here.

Can we take it further?

Can we raise an extra £1k in one day and get the target to its halfway point?

Not everyone has the means to keep contributing to things, but if you are in the position to put a very small amount this way, any contribution (big or small) would be hugely appreciated. On Saturday, the Upbeats will once again be at The Valley, and I'm sure once again the enjoyment they get from this scheme will light up the whole ground.

Come on guys, one small contribution to the link below. If you have friends, family, colleagues you think may help support in a small way, please put the Just Giving address there way today.

£1k Friday. Can we collectively do it?

Thanks everyone


  • Good shout boss. £10 from me to start us off.
  • Done
  • 50 in, only the 950 to go !

    Thanks all.
  • What was the total when you originally posted Danny?
  • edited March 2015
    3844 Kap

    930 to go
  • Another £20 in good luck guy's
  • Great post. Looking forward to stroll tomorrow

  • Charlton Liberal Club
    15 mins · London ·
    Due to a large charity walk tomorrow arranged by charlton athletic there will be no parking in the club car park until after 1.30 as they are meeting up in the car park before walking to the ground.....sorry for any inconvenience
  • 170 down, 830 to go....
  • Done. Wish I could contribute more.

    Well done to everyone involved.
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  • How many Lifers doing the walk?
  • edited March 2015
    Davo55 said:

    How many Lifers doing the walk?

    Not very many, only about a dozen or so. Had hoped for a few more, but it is what it is.

    If anyone does fancy a stroll in the morning, you can still sign up here and we'd all by delighted to have you join the gang! You can register here on the link below:
  • I think that's 400 ticked off already. Get Twitter going too people.
  • Small contribution from Portugal winging it's way north. Hope the weather's good for you all...
  • Done, well done to those walking
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  • A cock and hen for a great cause
  • Amazing donations there. Excellent work everyone.
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    I'd like to do the walk as it is a good cause but as a non local attending alone it simply is not practical re the logistics of parking etc.
  • We have some unbelievably generous members on here, thank you all for your contributions, whether 1905 or AFKA size (big or small).

    With the cheque pledge, we have smashed our CL Friday target before 10am!!

    If we can do that in two hours, surely we can double it by the end of the day? The overall pledge is still at only around 50% it's target.

    Keep doing us proud peeps, and thank you
  • Done...great post for a great cause & team
  • Can't afford it, but had to contribute. Have a great day - wish I was there.
  • Like AIF I will put a cheque in the post. Count me in for a ton. Where do you want it sending?
  • Done.
    Good luck to all, especially my sister and niece.
  • Thanks everyone - Awesome generosity.

    I'm really looking forward to tomorrow now
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