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Prediction Cup Qtr Final results/Johnstones Paint 4th Rd results

Apologies for slow posting this week - it's been a busy week.

What an amazing set of results! There were no home wins in the main competition and no away wins in the Johnstones Paint. Bangkokaddick flew across the world to beat lancashire lad while Bosseyedduck scored an impressive 5-2 away win. covered end junior gets into the semis while Bedsaddick will have to face SaySomething on his home patch this weekend.

In the Johnstones Paint, two amazing 5-5 draws at the top of the draw. Meanwhile Lewis Coaches didn't park the bus and won handsomely at home to ashford addick.

Results below and details of replays. Draw details to follow.

Prediction Knock Out Cup Quarter Finals

SaySomething (50) v. Bedsaddick (36) 2-2
seth plum (51) v. covered end junior (72) 1-3
lancashire lad (63) v. Bangkokaddick (85) 1-3
Danhughes99 (73) v. Bosseyedduck (54) 2-5

Johnstones Paint 4th round results

Viewfinder (47) v. 56yearsofdreams (24) 5-5
Tutt-Tutt (7) v. HantsAddick (57) 5-5
Lewis Coaches (26) v. ashford addick (91) 3-1
Tor (42) v. Hornchurch (39) 4-2
Carl Leaburn (48) v. CAFCspooney (18) 2-2
AidenTheAddick (67) v. cafcsinger (105) 3-1
Alex Wright (6) v. Bryan_Kynsie (92) 3-1
LenGlover (32) v. Addick in SW16 (89) 3-0

Prediction Knock Out Cup Quarter FInal replay

Bedsaddick (36) v. SaySomething (50)

Johnstones Paint 4th round replays

56yearsofdreams (24) v. Viewfinder (47)
HantsAddick (57) v. Tutt-Tutt (7)
CAFCspooney (18) v. Carl Leaburn (48)

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