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Prediction Cup Knock Out Replay Results and Revised Draw for 5th Round

Some stunning results in the Prediction Knock Out Cup replays as two big shocks caused the departure of Callumcafc and CRAZYCHAIR. Both were beaten by high scoring opponents which means that the highest ranking team is Bedsaddick in 36th place.

In the Johnstones Paint, there were three tight games with Carl Leaburn beating Tavern 4-3 to reach the last 16.

The results are revised draw for this weekend's games are:

Prediction Knock Out Cup replays

CRAZYCHAIR (3) v. Bosseyedduck (49) 2-6
creepyaddick (52) v. seth plum (53) 1-5
SaySomething (47) v. Callumcafc (1) 6-2

Johnstones Paint replays

Addick in SW16 (85) v. BigBadAlan (102) 2-2 (Addick in SW16 wins on penalties)
Carl Leaburn (50) v. Tavern (78) 4-3
Bryan_Kynsie (93) v. cblock (69) 1-0

The revised draw for the Quarter Finals of the main competition is:

SaySomething (50) v. Bedsaddick (36)
seth plum (51) v. covered end junior (72)
lancashire lad (63) v. Bangkokaddick (85)
Danhughes99 (73) v. Bosseyedduck (54)

The revised draw for the Johnstones Paint is:

Viewfinder (47) v. 56yearsofdreams (24)
Tutt-Tutt (7) v. HantsAddick (57)
Lewis Coaches (26) v. ashford addick (91)
Tor (42) v. Hornchurch (39)
Carl Leaburn (48) v. CAFCspooney (18)
AidenTheAddick (67) v. cafcsinger (105)
Alex Wright (6) v. Bryan_Kynsie (92)
LenGlover (32) v. Addick in SW16 (89)


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