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Another Arsenal fan classic

Sorry I know me and Off It have got it a bee in our bonnet but this has to be aired I am afraid.

We are discussing tonights game and we have a Liverpool fan in the office that's never been to a game EVER) and a few of us were winding him up saying "come on chelsea" etc .

Anyway muggy Arsenal fan pipes up he wants the Scousers to win to which a few of the lads retorted what do you want a Northern team to beat a London team for. His answer, now here's the classic

"What you are having a laugh they ain't a london team with all them effing foreigners"

I said John Terry, Lampard, Cole, Cole, Wright Phillips all Londoners - how many Arsenal got again -

oh feck off they are shit anyway

Oh how we are laughing -


  • I thought it was amusing that Wenger is opposed to foreign investors [yanks in for Arsenal] - How many English players does he have in his squad.
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    It's not like the new owner could push the ticket prices any higher either.

    A scouser told me that there is only one thing worse than lossing the champions league final to Man Utd.
    I asked him if it was Hillsborough? He said no, lossing the final to Everton. Whoops!
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