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Cafc player. Ipad

Any idea why the player does not work on an iPad?


  • Or a tablet (android)?
  • it doesn't work on an ipad as the ipad doesn't have flash player, but there are apps you can download which will do the job, the one I use is Photon.

    I am no computer wizz so others can probably give better advice.
  • I have used Photon in the past as well but it's usually a couple of minutes behind play by the time you get it, so don't gave Sky Sports or the radio on at the same time!
  • I can get the website on my galaxy tab and watch videos etc but just don't get the commentary for live games any help appreciated
  • I'd pay for CAFC player if it had an app or was iOS friendly. Only using flash is very lame.
  • The official football league app "FLi Player" is on the iOS app store.
    That lets you sign in with your CAFC Player details. Gives you all the highlights videos/press conferences etc. as well as live commentary on matchdays.
  • I use Puffin but it is random for access.
  • It does work? Just use Football League Player app
  • Cheers jake the fli player on playstore works for android
  • Yup, the latest version of the FLi app works great and is much more stable and reliable than the old one. Now all we need is for the video highlights to be made available in a decent resolution and the it'll be perfect.
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