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To be honest, I'm quite bemused by the hand wringing, by the anti Belgian rhetoric, by the demands being made of the owner and his representatives by the 'direction' in which the Club is going, by the "What's happening to my Charlton".

Throughout my life, Charlton has been one of the few constants. From the age of 12, I've attended about 95% of home games and from the age of 16, about 30% of away games. I've had some great times, some fantastic times and times that have made me cry with joy. I've met some fantastic people and made lifetime friendships with some truly wonderful people.

I've spent an absolute fortune following this Club. And I don't regret a penny of it.

Most of the time it's been mediocre at best. But every now and then a match is special. Even rarer, a Season is special. And because most of my time supporting the Club has been mediocre, those special moments are extra special.

The Premier years were great. But to be honest, not as enjoyable as the League One promotion Season, or the Championship winning season or the 80/81 season which is being discussed on another thread. I've seen us win at Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, Anfield and Highbury. Something I thought I'd never see. But then seeing us score six times at Oakwelll meant exactly the same to me.

The quality of our players has gone up and down over the years. We've bought 'superstars' like Simonsen, Costa and PDC. But seeing Jordan Cousins scoring a goal and kissing his badge last Saturday means more to me. My missus goes mad whenever I watch a game on telly and say "ex Charlton youth". But they will always be that to me. Part of my Club. Part of my passion.

I could go on - and generally do.

My point is that in the 40 odd years I've followed this Club, basically we've been shit. Whatever else has happened in my life, my Saturdays have been generally me driving away from a game thinking "fucking typical" . It's my lot in life. It's something I can't change. And it's something that will continue with me for as long as I live.

Despite being lucky enough to be involved in helping the Club in a small way providing 'added value' as a supporter, I realise that there is nothing I can do in defining the direction in the Club. From the mooring of a ship load of rubber, through the invitation to an African Tribal chief onto the Board right up to Kevin Cash pulling the plug and Duchatalet coming on board. I'm just a fan or part of a group of fans, whose views, opinions and ideas are just that.

My real problem, is that I'm not rich enough. And Roland is. I've spoken to Katrien a couple of times. But she doesn't listen to me. She hangs on Roland's every word. He pays the piper and he calls the tune.

And sorry to say, there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

So I will continue to go to The Valley, I will continue to buy my season ticket, I will continue to plan away trips with my mates and continue to go on pointless pre season tours in Sweden and Italy and Ireland and Belgium, because in all reality, we will never enjoy a 'proper' European adventure.

And to those fans who are all doom and gloom about the possibility of us playing the likes of Fleetwood next season should the worst case scenario happen, then I just say I can't wait - as it will be league ground 125 for me. And will be a more enjoyable weekend than yet another visit to Huddersfield or Wednesday.

So you youngsters who have only known Charlton since the Premier years and the excitement and possibilities of us moving forward with a wealthy new owner, can I just say......... Dream on.

He's wealthy for a reason. And it's not by spunking 90% of his wealth on a football Club. We've been lucky enough to have one owner like that in my lifetime. We're unlikely to have another one. So be happy with your lot in life. You've not drawn the shortest straw, but it's certainly no where near the longest. Just sit back, accept it and make the most of every single success this Club has.

Good luck to those who think they can influence RD in his 'vision'. I'm happy enough to be proved wrong. But these are the cards we're currently dealt with and we're going to have to play with them for the foreseeable future.

At least we will still have a Club to support next year. And one where I will be purchasing my season ticket for the 41st consecutive season.

And continue to bore my missus with "ex Charlton youth" when Joe Gomez turns out for Chelsea or Liverpool or Arsenal..........or England.


  • Well said that man.
  • Great post
  • Sums it up nicely, one of the best posts of a difficult few weeks as a Charlton fan
  • Great writing from the heart.

    I've a different feeling to you @Addickted but I would never question your support, or others like you.
  • Addickted sums up my feelings perfectly.
  • Very similar scenario to me.
  • The voice of sanity Addickted. Good man.
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  • Good post. I'm not really proper Charlton, but I've had season tickets for me and my boys for a few years now and have grown to love the club.

    My question to you would be, can you remember a time when the players seemingly lacked such a sense of team spirit and bond between themselves?

    That's what seems to hit me about the place at the moment. A number of the players look completely disinterested, meaning they will go out, do a reasonable job in their position, but don't really truly care about the team and club as a whole.

    The fact Cousins kissed the badge was maybe a deliberate statement from him that he wanted to show the fans he really does care, even though some of the others in his team look less concerned about anything other than themselves.

    I would say some of the championship seasons after relegation from the PL where we had a succession of loan players who didnt give a toss.
    I still believe at the moment its lack of confidence rather than effort.
  • It's hard not to agree with the start of your article but I think you lose your argument in your 11th paragraph. We can, and we need to, do something about it.
  • vffvff
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  • I agree with the post above (apart from maybe the belgian stuff). I've been a Charlton fan since the mid seventies when my Dad got tired of my weekly demands to go and see a football match, preferably Chelsea, and took me to the Valley, and I fell in love. I remember it all, the fear when it looked as if we would fold, the relegations, the back to the Valley campaigns, the joy when we got there, and the miracles of the promotions to the top flight under Lennie Lawrence, Curbs and Gritt.
    But.... no one ever asked me. I paid to get in, went home happy or sad according to what the team served up, and loved them anyway. We've now got what for me is a basically flawed business man, and a head honcho who now has enough money not to listen to advice, and to surround himself by puppets, yes-girls and a philosophy basically written as 'the boss is always right'. He won't listen to me, neither did Murray, Gliksten or Hulyer. And I don't have the money to buy him out.
    The meeting is a great start if the usual ego's can keep themselves under control, but if RD does'nt listen to his advisors (or they are too cowardly to point out how badly his plan is shaping up here) he won't be paying much attention to the fans.
  • Addickted absolutely nail on the head with every part, I don't believe people are intending to come across as anti belguim in the way they are maybe more time should be considered in what is posted as I believe it's weakening their point of view and as alienating as when the post says heart and soul ripped from the club

    It's a rousing quote it's emotional but it is thus far unproven to be the case and shouldn't be used any more if more support to the other view is required
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  • Great post
  • se9addick said:

    I'm starting to think their are actually two classes of supporter, neither better than the other - fans who support the "team" and fans who support the "club". For the former the feelings of the latter at the moment are seemingly incomprehensible as this post sums up.

    amongst all the posts I think this best exPlains the difference in opinions
  • Really well written post Addicked and sums up my own feelings on all of this really well, thank you.
  • Good post Addikted although I admit that I'm one of those who is worried by the current management of our club, but there is another thing that I wonder about and that is if we won today and next week against Norwich, which I know is unlikely, but if we did would the majority of us put our trust back with RD rather than with The Trust and those organising this meeting?
  • Totally support this post and it needed to be said and I think this sums up the silent majority. We just love supporting Charlton come what may ; the ups and downs of a football team ...any football team, is a metaphor for life. I think the whole thing has been worked up into a froth and the team needs time to move on with their season . It's a game of football not some political injustice that needs to be stopped.
  • Wonderful piece of writing.

    I really want you to be wrong about influencing the owner (and not just this one) but I fear you might be right.

    Doesn't mean I won't keep on trying and hoping to influence him.

    But like you I'll be buying another ST next season.

    See you in Belgium again for the Pre-season tour. Just don't book the hotel in the red light district this time.
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    Quality post from a die hard :-)
  • 100% agree with this, East in the seventies was my vintage, and yes plenty of games home and away, as long as the club's on a good financial footing , and trying to improve I'll keep on going.
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